Montemiletto chiesa

Montemiletto – Country of bandits and castles

Montemiletto - Il paese dei briganti con la Porta della terra

Montemiletto – Country of bandits and castles

Placed to 600 meters of altitude, on a mountain that acts as watershed between the valleys of the Sabato river and the Calore, Montemiletto preserves to its inside one of the historical suburbs more fascinating of the province of Avellino.

Distant from the chief town just 20 km, it borders with the communes of Lapio, Montefalcione, Montefusco, Pietradefusi, Prata di Principato Ultra, Pratola Serra, Santa Paolina, Taurasi and Torre Le Nocelle. It has a territorial extension equal to 21,46 square kilometers and its inhabitants are over 5200 units. Its patron saint is San Gaetano and it is celebrated on August 7th.

Famous for its views, for the stories of brigands and for its castle, Montemiletto is a town in Irpinia appreciated by tourists and travelers who can find here a corner of relaxation and beauty.

A bit of history

The area has been frequented since prehistoric times but the first news about Montemiletto are only from the twelfth century AD. It was a feud of the Della Leonessa family first and then of the De Tocco family, until 1806. The village is developed around the castle, where there is also the famous “porta della terra” (the door of the earth), from which it is possible to reach the district called “N’coppa a piazza“, corresponding to Piazza Umberto I. The development of the medieval village has allowed to admire, still today, the development of the “ruve”, characteristic stone streets. Once there was also a convent of the Dominicans, where now there is the seat of the Town Hall.

In this Irpinian village is also famous the story of the pro-Bourbon revolt, which on July 8, 1861 saw a real guerrilla, culminating in the night of the following day. The night of 9, in fact, the captain of the national guard Carmine Tarantino and the mayor archpriest Leone, along with 5 soldiers and some belonging to the national militia had to beat in retreat and take refuge in the palace Fierimonte but it was all useless: the rioters to the cry of “Long live Francis II“, managed to open the doors and take the lives of those who had tried to escape.

Il castello di Montemiletto in una foto di inizi '900
Il castello di Montemiletto in una foto di inizi '900

What to see in Montemiletto

Among the various monuments and places of interest in this village, we must surely mention the medieval castle, which is located in the upper part of the central square and dates back to the late Renaissance period; the old town, characterized by buildings and palaces of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; the church of Sant’Anna with its late Baroque facade and its works of art inside; the historic center of the hamlet “Montaperto”, with the small medieval castle, the Baronial and Gualtieri palaces and the church of S. Audeno; and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its Romanesque facade of the eighteenth century and the frescoes inside.

What to eat in Montemiletto

The local culinary tradition is rich and tasty. Among the typical dishes we find Cecatielle co lo Pulieio, a cross between fusilli and cavatelli with a sort of aromatic mint; Fusilli con il Ragù, Làene e Ciciri (tagliatelle and chickpeas), Menestra ‘Mmaretata (vegetable soup with meat) and Migliazza (polenta with corn flour).

Festivities and recurrences of Montemiletto

Many are the occasions for which this town of the Province of Avellino is famous. Among the most characteristic ones there are “Le 4 notti dei Briganti” (The 4 nights of the Brigands), held in the summer months, where it is remembered the revolt of the pro-Bourbon with concerts, moments of conviviality and also historical meetings with professors and authorities.

Equally famous is the Medieval Feast of Montemiletto, where the assault to the Castle of the Leonessa of 1419 is reproposed, with medieval tournaments, re-enactments of ancient crafts and the gastronomic part with typical local dishes.

briganti a Montemiletto
La rivolta dei Briganti

Our activities in Montemiletto

This village deserves to be lived and explored. Among the various tourist proposals of eiTRAVEL the one that allows you to know this beautiful village is “The ancient Aeclanum, Taurasi and Montemiletto“, the tour that allows you to immerse yourself and make a journey that will allow you to discover all the secrets of this side of Irpinia.

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