Snowshoeing in Irpinia: how and where to practice it

Snowshoeing in Irpinia: how and where to practice it

Snowshoeing in Irpinia: how and where to practice it

Walking in the nature through the Snowshoeing offers the opportunity to live a unique experience, surrounded by the particular silence created by the snow, immersed in one of the most beautiful landscapes of southern Italy: the Alta Irpinia.


What is snowshoeing?

The snowshoe hike is a particular type of “walk” that takes its name from the tool used to do it: snowshoes. These tools, also known as “snowshoes”, are of very ancient origin: already 6,000 years ago humans used them to be able to move with agility on the snow. Valid alternative to skis, they allow anyone to enjoy the mountains even when this seems prohibitive.

What do you do during the snowshoeing?

First of all you have fun. This is the spirit that accompanies every eiTRAVEL experience and in particular through snowshoeing in Irpinia. This will be possible from the immersion in an uncontaminated mountain environment, walking with the snowshoes between woods of majestic beech trees in wildlife oasis where it will be possible to take pictures and observe the Nature in one of the most fascinating seasons. In addition you do sport, taking care not only of the well-being of the soul, but also the physical.

Where does a snowshoe hike take place?

The snowshoeing will take place on various snowy trails of the mountains of Irpinia. You will have the opportunity to walk on the Laceno Plateau, or to know Verteglia, in the heart of the Picentini Mountains. Each tour has its own degree of difficulty that will be indicated. Most, however, are easy to access and aimed at everyone, even the inexperienced.

Who do you share with?

The spirit of these adventures is sharing. The snowshoeing, therefore, will be done with this in mind, involving more people, trying to create connections both between the participants themselves, and between their spirits and the Nature that will surround them. The maximum number of participants, to allow a walk that is also “intimate”, is set at 15.

What you need to bring?

To participate in the snowshoe hike you will need to wear high hiking shoes, layered clothing, possibly with a change of clothes and water. Snowshoes will be provided by the organizers of eiTRAVEL.

Useful info

Snowshoeing will take place during the day or at sunset, with the charm of the fading sunlight.

In case of bad weather conditions or failure to reach the minimum number of participants (6 people), the tour will be cancelled 24 hours before.

To accompany the snowshoers will be an experienced Hiking Guide.

The cost of the experience is 25 euros per person and includes the expert guide, a welcome drink, liability insurance and VAT.

Now that you have read everything, all you have to do is participate by visiting our website


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