Un viaggio alla scoperta del paese dove vino, storia e tradizioni creano un mix unico al mondo.

Taurasi – The town of DOCG wine and olive oil

Taurasi - Il paese del vino

Taurasi – The town of DOCG wine and olive oil

Nestled in the Irpinian hills at 398 meters above sea level and only 30 km from Avellino, Taurasi preserves the charm of the ancient village, with its elegant buildings, the historical center and its many traditions.

Known all over the world for its Aglianico vineyards, this place allows the traveler to plunge into a unique landscape giving the possibility to spend unforgettable moments.

Currently its inhabitants are more than 2,000 and the expansion of the territory of the country is about 14 square kilometers (about 1.5 square miles). It confines with various countries of the province of Avellino as Lapio, Luogosano, Mirabella Eclano, Montemiletto, Sant’Angelo all’Esca, Torre Le Nocelle.

A bit of history

Archaeological findings in various areas make us understand that already in the Neolithic era the area was frequented. The name of the village, however, is of Osco-Sabellic origin, with a fairly clear reference to the figure of the bull. The first documentation where Taurasi is found is dated 1179 even if the construction of the village, where it still stands today, is of Lombard age.

Repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, during the Norman period the castle of Taurasi was rebuilt and the village reached, during the twelfth century, the maximum splendor and importance.

During the modern age, the village was restructured by Carlo Gesualdo, who, according to some documents, was born here in 1566.

The official birth of the Commune of Taurasi dates back to 1809.

What to see in Taurasi

Archaeological Museum: rich in prehistoric and protohistoric evidence, the museum allows to observe the historical evolution of the Neolithic settlements in the area, providing important information about a period of history that goes up to the V-VI millennium BC.

Palazzo Marchionale: also known as “Castle”, is one of the many palaces that make up Taurasi. Founded on an ancient Roman building, the construction was hoisted by the Lombards, and has undergone various phases of restoration and rebuilding throughout the centuries. You can see what remains of the surrounding wall, the chapel of San Pietro a Castello and a beautiful internal staircase of fine workmanship.

Church of the Immaculate Conception: finished the construction around 1590, the Church today presents a single nave with a modern aspect. Called by the taurasini “Oratorio” presents inside numerous works of art to be observed. A heartiness is given by the fact that inside is preserved the “Body” of San Benigno Martire, who died in the country in 1804.

Beata Vergine del Rosario

Beata Vergine del Rosario

Church of SS. Rosario: Built in ‘500 thanks to the requests of the Dominican fathers and some very wealthy local residents, with the will of Louis IV of Gesualdo. Known by the locals as “Convent”, the church today has a single nave.

Inside you can admire many painted paintings of the ‘700. Famous is also a stucco in which is represented King David with the face of Don Carlo Gesualdo.

– Chiesa Collegiata di San Marciano Vescovo – The Mother Church of Taurasi. The first plant dates back to the Longobard era. More times destroyed and rebuilt, it assumes the title of “Colleggiata” in 1590. It preserves inside a valuable wooden statue of St. Marciano of the ‘700 and a frescoed interior vault, supported by Baroque columns, on the walls there are six arches with as many marble altars.

What to eat in Taurasi

This place immersed in the green is the kingdom of red wine known as Taurasi. Wineries of this country export this fine beverage all over the world, especially since the wine, produced with “Aglianico” quality grapes, has been declared a DOCG product. This fine beverage can accompany, in one of the many restaurants of the area, the typical dishes of the local tradition, making the visit of this Irpinian town even more unforgettable.

Our activities in Taurasi

As we have seen it is impossible to visit Taurasi without tasting the product of its lands. You can live a unique experience that will involve all your senses with our “In the lands of the 3 Irpine DOCGs“, the eiTRAVEL tour that will allow you to taste the best of Irpinia’s wine excellences.

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