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Travels and Adventures in Irpinia: the e-commerce of eiTRAVEL

Viaggi e Avventure in Irpinia: l’e-commerce di eiTRAVEL

Travels and Adventures in Irpinia: the e-commerce of eiTRAVEL

After the great success of the first tourist offers promoted in July and August 2020, the Tour Operator presents itself with a new e-commerce platform and a programming full of unique packages and authentic adventures around Irpinia.

“There is true progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone. H.Ford.”

Thanks to the eiTRAVEL Team composed of young professionals and experienced guides, the platform, available in Italian and English, comes with a wide offer: vacation packages and adventures for groups that touch different villages and treasures of the territory. The team in continuous research and study in the coming months will support public and private entities and enthusiasts of the area to create new offers that will affect the entire province of Avellino.

We are aware of the expressed and unexpressed potential of the territory, and with the new tools available and the presence on the right channels, Irpinia can become a real and authentic tourist destination, with a view to sustainable and experiential tourism.

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