Slots and Casinos Run by RabCats

It doesn’t take much for a provider of online casino games to advertise that they have premium slots and games. The truth is that anyone can boast such qualities. Nonetheless, both descriptions apply perfectly to Rabcat.



Its slot games reflect the company’s years of experience in the sector, since the developers behind them have obviously mastered the art of creating superior casino software. Rabcat guarantees only the highest quality.

The History of the Rabcat


Rabcat, an Austrian company with headquarters in Vienna, entered the online gaming market in 2001. Therefore, it has the experience and longevity to be consistently releasing a wide variety of excellent games.


Currently, the business is a division of win2day, a multi-channel gaming platform owned and operated by Austrian Lotteries and Casinos Austria AG (ALCA). Rabcat Computer Graphics is both its parent firm and a subsidiary of itself.


Clients like Rockstar Games and Blizzard Entertainment are partners, therefore it has a connection to the mainstream video game business through this.


Rabcat has always put quality first when it comes to their online casino games. This has resulted in some of the most prestigious operators adding the company’s games to their lobby areas.


Thankfully, this is now achievable thanks to back end technologies like Quickfire and Obodo, which have made it simple to put the developer’s slots onto the more popular online casino sites. Rabcat’s games are compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms, making them accessible from any location.

A Review of Rabcat-Based Online Gambling Sites


The company collaborated with other well-known names in the industry to increase exposure for their games. This results in its material being made available on aggregator platforms such as Microgaming’s Quickfire and Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters.


By doing so, you’ll discover that more top-tier online casinos than you might have thought offer Rabcat games. Quite a few indie studios employ this method to have as many people as possible check out and play their games. Obviously, Rabcat benefits from this as well.


Without a shadow of a doubt, you can play games by this designer at some of the best online casinos nowadays. That’s fantastic, because many players prefer to join a platform that has a solid track record within its user base.


It’s a frequent misconception that only games made by the biggest producers are played in the greatest casinos. The games of smaller developers are also featured in their waiting areas since gamers like the variety and originality they provide.


There’s no denying that Rabcat is an ideal example of this type; signing up with a Rabcat casino could be a wise decision.

A Review of Rabcat-Themed Slot Machines


The current state of the Rabcat library does not boast a plethora of slot machine options. Only a little more than twenty titles are available on the official company website, but all of them are of the greatest quality.


It takes its time making slot games that look good and are fun to play, rather than releasing anything hastily. The provider’s entire library functions as high-quality video slots, giving the games a decidedly contemporary feel.


Although the company has existed since long before 2013, The Legend of Olympus was not published as a slot machine until 2013. While this may be the case, it should be noted that every single one of its games is of a very high standard of excellence. When playing these games, the visuals, animations, and so on, stand out clearly.


The Return to Player (RTP) for most Rabcat games is somewhere in the 96–99% range, with a few exceptions. The vast majority of the company’s slot machines have a medium variance, making them playable by a wide range of players.


They could be a bit challenging for new players, who would do better on a reduced volatility slot at first. Still, Rabcat, as a whole, offers a lot of variety.

An Essential Rabcat Alliance


The larger game distribution businesses are without a doubt the most crucial partners for this organization. Two of the most well-known names in the gaming industry, Yggdrasil and Microgaming, are included here. Both of these collaborations, one founded in 2018 and the other in 2014, have helped spread positive word of mouth about Rabcat and its games over an extended period of time.


Rabcat Games Have Some Issues

When we play casino games at an online site, we always cross our fingers that nothing goes wrong. However, there is never any assurance of this. You should contact the online casino’s support staff if this happens with any of Rabcat’s games.


This is not something that can be handled by Rabcat, so don’t bother. If you’re still unhappy with the response after speaking with the casino’s customer care team, they will escalate the complaint.


Should You Play at Rabcat Casinos and Slots?

The Rabcat games available at the top online casinos are ones you shouldn’t miss. They not only use some of the most impressive visuals we’ve ever seen in a video game, but also fantastic foundational ideas. Yggdrasil and Microgaming would not advertise subpar products on their backend platforms.


Rabcat benefits greatly from working with such well-known companies. And the games themselves are popular because of their fascinating betting ranges, unique features, and medium volatility.


Rabcat is one of the ways to get to a fun video game session.

Rabbit Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay to play slots at Rabcat?


The games can be played for fun or for real money. To switch between versions, members of Rabcat-powered casinos need to enter into their accounts.


Where can I find the most generous Rabcat casino promotions?


Visit CasinoTopsOnline frequently, as we’ll be updating the site with information on the latest amazing Rabcat bonuses.


Is there a secret to winning at Rabcat slots?


There is no true method to be used while playing slots; all you can do is have fun and play responsibly. When playing Rabcat slots or any other form of gambling, never risk more than you can afford to lose.






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